Computer Time

When installed on your child's computer, Teentor knows exactly how much time your kid spends on various sites and on the computer in general. You can view reports and set up various restrictions in your control panel.

To see how much time your child spent in this or that program, log in to your control panel and click the "Programs" menu item on the left. In the main area, a list like this will appear:

Report by programs

The total time spent in the corresponding program during the selected time period is displayed in the last column ("Duration").

Various programs may be highlighted with green, orange, or red, according to your category settings (restrictions). To block some program, just assign it to a restricted category using the dropdown list in the "Category" column.

To control categories, click the "Restrictions" menu item on the left:

Left menu

All available categories will be listed in the main area:

Category restrictions

Click "Deny" in the row of the corresponding category to block all programs and sites associated with the category.

At the top of the list, there is a special category: Internet. It allows you to block or restrict internet access.

If you want to completely block internet access, click "Deny". However, in most cases, a reasonable limitation would be the best option. So, click the "Create a limitation" link in the third column.

This will show the following controls:

Time restrictions

In the upper part, there is a table showing hours and days of week. Red boxes are the hours when internet access is denied, green ones are the hours when your kid will be able to surf. Click a box to toggle its status.

You can use these controls, for example, to prohibit internet access at night.

Instead of setting exact hours, you can define how long your child may access the internet each day. For example, it is possible to restrict internet access to 2 hours a day, and your kid will be able to use the time whenever he/she wants.

These two approaches can be combined. For instance, you can allow your child to use the internet during the daytime, but no longer than 2 hours a day. At night, internet access will be denied, even if your child haven't used up his allowed quota for the day yet.

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