How to uninstall Teentor?

Uninstalling Teentor for Windows

Teentor can be uninstalled just like any other Windows application, using the "Add/Remove Software" entry of Windows Control Panel in older versions of Windows, or the "Programs and Features" entry of Windows Control Panel in newer versions of Windows. Alternatively, you can use the "Uninstall a program" link in Windows Explorer (Windows 7 or newer).

We will uninstall Teentor on a Windows 8.1 machine. The process is similar in all versions of Windows, with small differences related to the Windows user interface.

To open Windows Explorer, press the Windows logo key and "E" on your keyboard. Make sure that "This PC" is selected, then find and click the "Uninstall or change a program" entry:

Uninstall a program

This will open the list of your installed programs. Find Teentor and click the entry to highlight it:

Uninstall Teentor

After this, click "Uninstall".

Being a parental control solution, Teentor asks for your parental email and password:

Parental login

Enter the data you used to register at

The login is required to prevent removal of the program by your child without your knowledge and/or approval.

If you did not register at, Teentor will simply uninstall itself without showing this window. However, if the program still asks for your parental data, use the following:

Password: 123456

Important: This combination of email/password will only work if you did not register at It will not work, if Teentor is bound to your account, in which case your own login data is required.

After you enter the correct details, the program will ask if you want to uninstall it completely:

Confirm uninstalling

Click "Yes" to uninstall Teentor. The program will show a progress window:

Uninstall progress

After a few seconds, the final message is shown:

Finished uninstalling Teentor

Click "OK" to quit. Teentor has been successfully uninstalled.

If you need to reinstall Teentor, just log in to your control panel and download the setup package from the corresponding section, or use the download page to get a download link emailed to you.

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