Automatic Screenshots

Teentor monitors various activities of your children: how much time they spend on various sites and in various programs (for example, playing games), what they discuss on Skype and Facebook, what they search on the Internet, and more. You can even enable keylogger and capture everything they type, including forum posts, chats, etc.

However, sometimes a look at the computer screen may provide more information than various diagrams and statistics. That's why Teentor can also take screenshots.

Screenshots show you exactly the same thing your child sees on his/her monitor at the given moment: the complete Desktop with all active / inactive windows, a shot from a full-screen game, etc.

To view the collected screenshots, log in to your control panel and click the "Screenshots" menu item on the left:

Screenshots menu

In the main area, preview images of the collected screenshots for the specified date / time period will be displayed:

Previews of screenshots

To view a screenshots in its full resolution, just click its preview image.

You can enable / disable screenshots in the settings window for the user:

Screenshots are enabled

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