Messaging Control

After you install Teentor on your child's computer, the program will start collecting various data, according to your settings. In particular, it will catch messages in popular programs and apps, such as Skype or Facebook.

To check messaging history, log in to your control panel and click the "Messaging" menu item on the left.

Messaging history

This will display messages sent and received by your child for the selected time period.

Skype messaging

On the right, an icon of the corresponding program is displayed. You can click a user to display all messages related to the user.

Additionally, the keylogger feature can be enabled. Keylogger will capture everything your child types on the keyboard:


To access keylogger reports, click the "Keylogger" menu item on the left.

Here, you can see date and time, name of the program, title of the window, and the text your child typed into the window.

To enable or disable keylogger, go to the settings window for the corresponding user in your control panel.

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