Stopping Child Abuse Online

Online risks for children

Modern world carries a great threat to children from online predators looking for the right moment to strike. Often naïve, children may experience such things as cyberbullying, sexual abuse, grooming, sexual exploitation or even emotional abuse.

It is very important to understand that risk of online abuse can be both from strangers and from people they know. Nowadays, when everything around is computerized, children can experience abuse when playing online games or using their cell phones or through social networks.

Abuse may happen in the virtual world only, and instances when a child is persuaded to take part in some online sexual activity are not rare, or it may well be part of something that is already taking place in real life (bullying or grooming).

Another important thing to know is that abusers could be of any age, and they may be both male and female. Abuse often starts with grooming of children not even realizing what in reality is happening.

Often children don't understand that they have been groomed. Sometimes online abusers spend significant amount of time studying young person's online profiles. Equipped with this often easily accessible information, groomers learn the interests of a child and use this knowledge to build a relationship that eventually may lead to some quite nasty things.

Another problem is that sometimes children can feel like there is no escape from online abuse. This happens because abusers can contact them at any time of the day or night. Images and videos can be stored and shared with other people including schoolmates or close friends.

The most dangerous abusers are the pedophiles. Often shrewd judges of character, they try to become friends with children ultimately winning their trust by bestowing them with gifts, personal attention, sympathy and flattery.

Whatever the situation is, parents have to be prepared for such a development of things and take protective measures in advance. No doubt, the best weapon against abusers of any sort is parents' personal commitment and their willingness to communicate more with their children.

Modern technologies may come in handy too, and this is where Teentor app will be of great help, offering various ways of monitoring child's activities and allowing the parents to prevent the wrongdoing.

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